Things that society teaches us with experiences and challenges

For most people living today, it is difficult to imagine life without a written language, government, and large-scale agriculture. But on the scale of human history, all are recent inventions. Until just 11,000 years ago, we lived in small groups, hunting, gathering, and simple agricultural practices. Tribal wars were common, had a short lifespan, and rarely encountered strangers. Although that lifestyle seems to belong in the distant past, it is also the life our bodies and brains have adapted, and it is the life that some people around the world still live in. Here we share things that society teaches us with experiences and challenges.

Go on your own way

Go on your own way

Unfortunately, many people like to judge others. It’s easy enough that pressure from friends can get you lost in your own path and following others. It’s important to parade to the beat of your own drummer and avoid that pressure to fit in with some common norms. You are your own special person and you should go your own way and achieve your own dreams. Don’t let others dictate the way you live.

Early health care

Never wait until you have a health problem to worry about your health. The best way to keep yourself healthy is prevention. Smoking, drinking, vaping, drugs, partying, overeating, fast food, and too much stress all put stress on our bodies. While you can do these things in your 20s with little impact on your health, you are burdened with a debt that your health will pay off as you get older.

Start becoming health conscious as soon as possible. Eat right. See your doctor often. Follow healthy habits. All of these will help prevent future health problems.

When we are young, we can push our bodies to their limit day in and day out. Nothing seems to touch us and we are invincible. However, as we age at all parties, drinking, smoking and eating fast food affects our health. Begin to develop healthy habits while you are still young and healthy. Have regular checkups with your doctor and dentist to prevent future problems.

Appreciate your journey

Appreciate your journey

It was too easy to get caught up in worries about the future. Things that society teaches us when people get too caught up in what’s going to happen, they don’t take the time to enjoy the present. Life is a journey. You will not end up where you expected. So, learn to enjoy the ride while keeping your eyes on the road. If you appreciate the present, you will be a lot better when you arrive where you will be going.

You Can’t Please Everyone

You don’t need people to agree with you or even like you. It is human nature to want to belong, to be liked, to be respected, and to have value, but not at the cost of your integrity and happiness. The other person cannot provide you with the confirmation you are looking for. It has to come from within.

Speak up, keep the gunman, assert yourself when needed, ask for respect, live up to your values. Here’s What You Need To Do To Stop Being People Who Pleases.

Experience what you have learned

Experience what you have learned
Things that society teaches us

No matter how much we think we know about a subject, only after we put that knowledge to use do we receive confirmation of the level of practical knowledge we have. Sure, we can read about painting, learn all the techniques and brushes, palettes, and more. but only when we stand in front of a picture and start drawing do we put our knowledge to the test.

As EduGeeksClub’s career expert, Julia Smith once wrote: “Young people often have difficulty putting what they have learned into practice; thus all of this knowledge becomes useless when it should be the fuel that fueled their career ”.

Be flexible with your goals

Things that society teaches us: sometimes we feel this is the right time to take action and execute our plans just to realize we were wrong. It is important to analyze our current position and how our activities may affect our future. Sometimes it’s better to delay a certain goal or even change it for the time being. Accepting promotions in bad times can cause us more trouble than good if the timing is not right.


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