The Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review

The Philips SHP9500 is a cheap pair of important headphones. They are extremely comfortable and have a sturdy yet lightweight construction that feels durable. They’re not regular headphones that can be used outdoors, but they deliver a well-balanced sound, on a par with much more expensive open-back headphones.

The Philips SHP9500 Headphones Review


The Philips SHP9500 - Design

The Philips SHP9500 has a sleek, ergonomic design that is not too flashy. They come in matte black tones accented by a metal frame and Philips branding on the ear cups and headband. They are well padded and look more premium on other headsets in their price range. However, the soft ear cushions aren’t the best and look a bit cheap compared to the rest of the build quality. For the slightly sleeker headphones, check out the Philips SHP9600.

SHP9500 is a very comfortable headset. They have large ear cups that will easily fit most listeners’ ears. They are not too tight or heavy on the head for their size. The headband resembles well-padded ear cups but is upholstered with a slightly coarse fabric and isn’t as comfortable as the leather or imitation leather used on some models.

Philips SHP9500 is a well-made and durable headset with a slightly pliable feel. The ear cups and headband can withstand a few drops without breaking. In particular, the headband is reinforced by a thin metal frame that withstands a fairly large physical impact. However, the upholstery feels more fragile and will show more signs of wear than the skin. The rotating ear cups are also a weak point of being relatively narrow and prone to breaking under moderate force. If you want something that looks a little more premium and durable, check out the similar performance Philips Fidelio X2HR or Philips Fidelio X3.

Sound quality

The Philips SHP9500 - Sound Quality

50mm neodymium drivers are designed to deliver full and accurate sound at all frequencies. We found the SHP9500’s sonic character to be central. However, that certainly doesn’t mean the headphones won’t be able to cope well with the lows and highs.

In particular, the bass is represented precisely, which may make some players feel like the headphones lack a punch. In fact, they are simply trying their best to avoid producing unnecessary acoustic colors. Many satisfied owners have found them surprisingly good for practicing musical instruments at home, including pianos and drums.

If you intend to use external headphones and plan to replace the cable with a shorter one, you need to make sure that you have purchased a low-quality cable. We used to put it around, resulting in connectivity issues and general sound deterioration. Audio cables are cheap, so pay a little extra for higher quality.

Isolation of noise and leakage

The Philips SHP9500 - Isolation

Poor isolation. Due to the open-back design, these headphones provide any isolation below 1KHz. Above 1KHz, turn off 3dB / Octave current coil, which will be effective in suppressing outside noise.

Poor leakage. These headphones are quite large and leak a lot. A significant portion of the leakage is between 300Hz and 20KHz, which is a very wide range. In general, the level of leakage is also quite high. Leaks from these headphones will be huge and easy to understand.


As you can see in the picture, the headphones are not portable. They are quite large and you cannot fold them. Moreover, the ear cups are not flat, with no area to save space. The size makes these headphones difficult to carry around, especially if you are a frequent traveler. While you can carry them in your backpack, there’s no way the headphones will fit in your bag. And, even if you try to mount them, you end up ruining them. Also, our experts were really disappointed that the Philips SHP9500 headset was not included in a case or carrying case (they asked us to highlight it in the Philips SHP9500 headphone review).

The Philips SHP9500
In conclusion, Great sound quality for neutral listening. The Philips SHP9500 provides a comfortable listening experience and reproduces tracks with above-average fidelity. The bass, mids, and treble are well balanced, and the large and open earcups give these headphones a spacious soundstage.


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