The lifestyle of the new generation today

The lifestyle of the new generation today has both great traits and some shortcomings in them. This age has an intellectual and emotional development that the former did not have and therefore, we should believe in the best of them. Meanwhile, they also have some bad thoughts and negative moral traits, which need to be removed from their personalities. It is impossible to imagine expelling these points from them without remembering and relating to the wonderful traits a teenager has. In this way, we should show respect for them in such matters.

Technology is destroying young people

Technology is destroying young people

But anyway, has there ever been ‘past time worth remembering for young people? Could there be any reality for the cases that today’s youth are particularly worst ever? On the other hand, are these statements something every adolescent has had to deal with since ancient Egypt?
We live in a wonderful era-bound world with huge data gauges at the fingertips. Innovation has allowed us to get things done more quickly, so often, we anticipate that things will be done even more quickly. However, this doesn’t just apply to young people; This applies to all of us!

In general, in all cases, individuals may assume that young people are more arrogant and careless than ever before. Whether this is due to young people being improperly portrayed in the media, or because of the fact that they are actually deteriorating, is still a discussion.

Change the gender role

Today, women earn 50% of the total household income and at this point, there are more women graduating from university than men. Young Chinese are more tolerant of divorce and value mutual love over the practical benefits of marriage.

However, the physical aspect of marriage exploded with the generation after the 1980s when young brides began accepting an installment apartment, a new car, and a lavish wedding ceremony. The years after the 1990s faced a new situation when property prices increased exponentially and new property regulations encouraged both spouses to make an equal contribution to the purchase of the property.

Youth culture

Youth culture
The lifestyle of the new generation, Youth culture

Defining specifically what youth culture is can be a little difficult since it is a moving target. Each generation will have its own unique youth culture that reflects the lives of the youth and the era, although it is important to avoid stereotyping those based on their generation. There are groups in any culture, with different interests, ideas and goals.

Psychologists like Erik Erikson hypothesize that the primary goal in adolescent development is to answer the question, “Who am I?” In this case, it is natural to assume that in determining one’s identity, people will be looking for others in the same age group to grow together and learn from and understand communal norms and values. society of society.
Theorists like Frank Fasick agree that teenagers are in a state of confusion and identity development occurs during this time as they develop independence from their parents and more dependent on groups. friend same age.

Culture and Creativity is one of the main areas of activity

The lifestyle of the new generation. Thus, it can serve as a vehicle to promote public health, strengthen prevention and fight against racism and violence, and promote volunteering and civic rights. extreme, social inclusion and solidarity (among other activities). There are many aspects that can be studied on the topic of entertainment: Entertainment Culture (leisure time, favorite activities, budget), Media Culture (cinema attendance, mixed audience Lice, spectators), Body Culture (sports practice, clothing spending, cosmetics expenses), and Music Culture (production, reproduction and consumption).
The presentation of a form of recreational activity is therefore discouraged by the multi-referential identity of our contemporary society, as highlighted in the 2009 European Youth Trends Report: ” Year can no longer be defined as an age group, a culture, a style of music, a picture, a story … A fragmented society with many complex cultures. cross-cultural transformation and concurrent mixing of different cultures. A combination of cultures is structured, but the choice within them is not. (…) ”.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle
The lifestyle of the new generation

The 2005 World Youth Report emphasizes the importance and constructive role of young people in their lives. respect for young people’s healthy lifestyles, smoking, obesity and alcohol use (for a complete list of health indicators refer to the European Community Health Indicators Monitoring and next section according to this policy framework). Aspects will be developed in the next section, dedicated to health and well-being.


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