The best Christmas markets in the world

Christmas shopping doesn’t mean happily fighting through the crowds of department stores or rummaging through the Internet for a bargain. Why not combine gift buying with some travel? These are the best Christmas markets in the world are great destinations for traditional gifts, glasses of glühwein, and the indispensable sense of festival.

Christmas market in Hungary

Christmas market in Hungary

Every year, the Budapest Christmas Fair takes place in the heart of the historic city on Vörösmarty Square. As the oldest and most epic of all the markets in Budapest, well worth a visit. The quaint thatched houses and more than 100 wooden pavilions turn the area into a magical wonderland, complete with the delicious aromas of pickled wine, cinnamon, baked chestnuts and traditional honey biscuits. Besides, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Hungarian dishes such as pork and cabbage stuffed. Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere while choosing handcrafted gifts for loved ones, and don’t forget to watch the enchanting musical and light show adorn the facade of the famous Gerbaud building, home to the window turned into a giant Advent calendar counting down the days to the big day.

Tallinn Christmas Market in Estonia

Why we love it: In addition to Estonian Christmas treats like black pudding and sour cabbage (which sounds better, we swear), Tallinn Market – which is dubbed the best Christmas Market by tourists 2019, according to European Best Destination – also Santa comes by reindeer sled. However, the highlight is the Christmas tree that the city has been displaying in front of the town hall since 1441 – making it the first Christmas tree ever on display in Europe.

Sibiu, Romania in Piața Mare

Sibiu, Romania in Piața Mare

Nestled among three stunning mountain ranges, in the city’s Old Town’s inspirational Grand Square (Piața Mare), Sibiu’s Christmas market offers romance. Stroll along 70 huts and shop for pottery, fur, and wooden children’s toys, and head to an ice rink or children’s fair park to enjoy a festival. Sibiu is a sight to behold and well worth a visit at any time, but its prime location in the highlands of Transylvania is a special advantage at this time of year – for the opportunity to a white Christmas is pretty good. Add a bit of snow to this scene, be it a gospel concert or a magical light show that won’t dry your eyes.

Traditionally, cravings can be cured with pickled wine, gingerbread, and baked chestnuts. However, leave some space for Romanian-Hungarian specialties like cozonac (sweet bread) and Kürtőskalács (cone cake), the latter thanks to the Hungarian minorities living in the area. What a merry Christmas!

Tuomaan Markkinat, Helsinki

This market is one of the best Christmas markets, dominated by its blend of modernity and tradition. While visitors can do everything from bingo for a vegan ham to watching a dog holiday show competition, it’s not all weird: Choir singers sing songs Christmas is celebrated on weekends and visitors can stroll the market stalls while drinking hot wine. Don’t feel good enough in Finnish? Relax in the wooden-heated men’s sauna, burst into the middle of the market in Senate Square.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen in Denmark

Christmas markets
The best Christmas markets

Copenhagen’s Tivoli, with its fairground games and a host of shops and stalls, is a year-round destination in its own right. But until December, this Danish organization really came into operation.
As well as the usual stalls selling Christmas decorations and snacks, three different light shows take place in the park, as well as the traditional Pixie Band that plays festive songs at various points. around the place.
December 13 takes place an annual Lucia procession, with 100 girls passing through the gardens carrying candles and singing to mark St. Lucia’s Day. Christmas in Tivoli Gardens 2019 runs from November 16 to January 5.

Toronto Christmas Market, Canada

One of the best Christmas markets. Europe exploded the Christmas market, but then again… you can only drink a lot of mulled wine. To stir up tradition a little, head to Toronto’s vibrant Distillery for a wonderful Canadian spin of your Christmas ceremonies. The cobblestone streets and industrial brick facades create a captivating historical scene, while the sparkling lights, wooden stalls, and lifelike gingerbread houses convey the true spirit of the holiday.

Get here early before the crowd starts to arrive and head straight to the food stalls. You’ll find anything from German-style donuts to Belgian waffles, but the party is really pia cake, one of Canada’s most sinful delights, mixing french fries with gravy and milk soft frozen cheese. Now, before you get caught up in all the maple syrups, head to the Ferris wheel or carousel if you dare while waiting for the hunger to return.


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