JBL FLIP 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review

JBL FLIP 5 is a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker. It’s well-built, has a strap that you can carry with you on the go, and comes in a variety of colors to better match your style. Like most small speakers, however, it struggled to reproduce low-end bass and didn’t make a loud sound. It also doesn’t come with any audio enhancement features and doesn’t support voice assistants either. That said, more than eight hours of playback time should be sufficient for long days outdoors.


JBL FLIP 5 Bluetooth Speaker Review


JBL FLIP 5 - Design

The JBL FLIP 5 is a cylindrical speaker with a tightly woven fabric surrounding the speaker. You can place it horizontally or vertically, and it has a detachable strap. It comes in a lot of color variations, so you can find one that works best for you. You can also personalize your speaker design through the JBL website.

This speaker is especially portable. It has a strap for easy carrying and is lighter than the Sony SRS-XB23. It also uses batteries, so you can easily take it outside.

JBL FLIP 5 has good build quality. It is mainly made of plastic, but it feels sturdy and sturdy. There’s a tightly wrapped fabric that covers its speakers, it looks like it could easily tear, and the buttons have a rubbery texture. While there’s no cover for the USB-C port, the speaker is still IPX7 rated for water resistance, although we’re currently testing this.

Sound quality

JBL FLIP 5 - Sound Quality

The JBL FLIP 5’s frequency response accuracy is passable. When placed horizontally, it has difficulty reproducing bass. It’s still a bit boomy, though, as the treble strip is mostly recessed, resulting in a dull sound. That said, it has a well-balanced midrange, which is great for making sure that vocals and main instruments sound out present and correct in your mix.

This speaker has a mediocre soundstage. Unlike the Anker Soundcore Motion +, it had to reduce the stereo to mono in order to play this content, the sound was very immersive. However, its navigational ability is very good, resulting in a wide soundstage.

JBL FLIP 5 features sub-par dynamics performance. It plays out very loud and has artifacts compressed at maximum volume, which might not be suitable for parties or large rooms.

Battery life

JBL FLIP 5 has decent battery performance. It was advertised to last around 12 hours, but we measured just over 8 hours. However, battery life may vary depending on usage, so your results may vary. The speaker also turns off after about 20 minutes without any audio files to help save battery power.

Functions & Controls

JBL FLIP 5 - Controls

The JBL Connect app is fine. It is compatible with Android and iOS. You can pair two devices to form a stereo pair, or you can link several devices to play the same sound over a larger space. Unlike Ultimate Ears BOOM 3, however, it lacks EQ, so you can tweak its sound profiles.

The JBL FLIP 5 has sub-par controls. You can turn the speaker on and off, pair Bluetooth devices, adjust the volume, and turn ‘PartyBoost’, which allows you to link multiple speakers that are ‘PartyBoost’ compatible. However, there aren’t any controls associated with the call. Although you can skip the track forwards by pressing the play button twice, you can skip to the previous track. There’s an alarm letting you know when you’ve reached maximum volume, and there’s a light above the power button and a Bluetooth button to let you know when you’ve turned on and connected to the power. There’s also an indicator light to let you know that the speaker is charging.


The JBL FLIP 5 has excellent Bluetooth connectivity. Unlike the OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA, it can be paired with up to two speakers at once, and has low audio latency on Android devices, which is great if you love to stream videos. While the lag on iOS is a bit higher, some apps do compensate for the lag differently, so your experience may be different.


In conclusion, JBL FLIP 5 can be used outdoors. It’s well built and very portable thanks to its battery-powered design. It also has an IPX7 rating for water resistance, although we’re currently testing this out. It lasts more than 8 hours before it needs to be recharged, and it can be paired with up to two devices at the same time. However, it came out loud and it struggled to produce a weak bass. It also lacks EQ, so you won’t be able to tune its sound.



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